We are an EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm

What does this mean for you?

On April the 22nd 2010, federally mandated EPA – Lead Paint Renovation procedures became law.

Essentially all pre – 1978 residences with painted wooden overhangs and painted galvanized gutters must be tested for traces of lead paint. All sales and installation technicians have been trained and certified in these procedures. 

How does the test work?

Testing requires that a small scratch be made on the gutters, downspouts, and or the soffit and fascia. You are more than welcome to watch this process. Should your house test positive for traces of “Lead Paint” our representative will be required to provide you with an EPA guideline pamphlet entitled “Renovate Right”. You will be required to sign off that you have received the booklet and understand the special treatment that your project will be receiving.

What happens if my house tests positive? 

At the time of your installation, plastic sheeting will be attached to the side of your home 10’ away from your sidewalls. This will cover shrubbery and flowers as well. We are then required to vacuum the plastic and an additional 10 ‘ away from the structure. The contaminated metal that was removed from your home prior to your new installation will then be wrapped in plastic and taken directly to the salvage yard.

This is a federally mandated procedure and there are additional costs. If previous contractors have not tested your residence and left you the Renovate Right pamphlet, they and perhaps you may be in violation.

Thank you